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Route to the IRM / RömerWelt (Bad Hönningen/Rheinbrohl, Germany)

Arienheller 1
56598 Rheinbrohl


You are visting the RömerWelt ...

... by car:

Via A59 / B42 coming from Cologne (Köln) / Bonn:
Take the 3rd exit from the B42 (direction Bad Hönningen / Rheinbrohl).
Turn left, the RömerWelt ist located about 50 m to your right.

Via A3 / A48 /B42 coming from Wiesbaden / Neuwied:
Take the B42 in the Linz direction, then the exit Bad Hönningen / Arienheller.
Turn left, the RömerWelt ist located about 30 m to your right.

... by ferry:

Car ferry Bad Breisig / Bad Hönningen / Rheinbrohl:
Follow the road leading to the roundabout and take the 2nd exit in the roundabout.
Follow the road for about 400 m and rurn right following the signs leading to the RömerWelt site.

Pedestrians coming from the ferry:
Follow the road leading to the roundabout, take a short walt to the right and cross the road at the bus station. You will notice small signs (as below) showing the way to the RömerWelt, leading you along the school yard. Turn left behind the sport's field and follow the pedestrian's way for about 200 m (along Labonde / Jarding nursery) leading straight to the RömerWelt site.

... by foot (pedestrians):

Pedestrians coming from Bad Hönningen railway station:
Distance about 1,6 km; leave the station via the bus stop, you will approach a tunnel to your left, leading you to the other side of the railway tracks. Follow the signs with this brown icon:

Pedestrians coming from Rheinbrohl railway station:
Distance 2,5 km Entfernung; take a walk all the way through the village centre heading to Arienheller.
Follow the signs depicting the brown icons.

... by bus:

Bus line 170 »Linz–Neuwied«, bus stop / drop off at Rheinbrohl-Berufsbildungszentrum, which takes you to the pedestrian's way to the RömerWelt as described above. Follow the signs depicting the brown icons for about 1 km (see pedestrians coming from the ferry).



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